A football tournament of brotherhood is organized, consisting of Syrian soccer players taking refuge from the civil war in Turkey. These players brings their common history and struggles to the soccer field.

Playing soccer in school yards in the Höllük district of Halep since childhood, players of the Team Kvakip (Planets) is forced to flee their home that was destroyed by the heavy bombardment. United in Gaziantep after several months, some worked in a shoe workshop, some as an apprentice tailor; while others are lucky enough to resume their education in a university.

When he loses most of his family members, the Coach Ali Kaptan reneges on his determination not to flee his land and comes to Antep with his children, only to work in a small grocery store. Thus comes together the team “Planet” and takes its place as one of the toughest teams in the tournament of brotherhood.

2016, 41′, 16 x 9, Color, HD, Turkish, Arabic

Production Company: Filmotto
Director: Dîdem Şahin
Script: Dîdem Şahin
Edit: Eren Şahin
Cameraman: Melik Külekci, Fuat Sahin
2.Cameraman: Anıl Yalçın
Soun Operator: Recep Çağlayan

Categories: Documentary


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Dîdem Şahin
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