Narrating the story of Türkmens since the time of the Göktürks in the vast Mongolian steppes, this drama-documentary starts in a bride’s house in Kirkuk and takes its viewer in a journey to Türkmen’s past.

2017, 42′, 16 x 9, Color, HD, Turkish

Production Company: Türkmeneli TV ve Demir Media
Director: Dîdem Şahin
Script: Tufan Gündüz
Edit: Tayfun Kirtay, Onur Sivrihisar
Cameraman: Melik Külekci, Alper Özcan
Sound Operator: Kaya Timur
Graphic Animations: Çağrı Gençoğlu

Categories: Documentary


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Dîdem Şahin
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