2014 Winter Olympics are going to take place between the dates on 7th and 23rd of February in Sochi, Russia where “Circassian Genocide” had been committed. Today, Circassian people who make up the largest diaspora in the world simply say “no” to the Olympics which are going to be performed on graves of their ancestors in 2014 which is the 150th anniversary of the genocide.
At the same time, Sochi Competitions are going to be carried out in Caucasian natural habitat Sochi National Park, involved in UNESCO World Heritage List and under protection. Worldwide environmental organizations are announcing that it will lead to a serious environmental catastrophes and they just say “no” to the olympics.

No Sochi ! Documentary, is the story of an intersection between “Sochi Winter Olympics” opposers’ adventure of searching their “Anti Mascots” to use in their protests and Caucasian young designers’ struggle to conserve their history, land and identity.

2013, 44′, Color, HD, Turkish, English

Director & Producer: Dîdem Şahin
Production Company: Al Jazeera Turk
Script: Dîdem Şahin
Edit: Çetin Timur
Cameraperson: Melik Külekci
Director Assistant: Gençer Tatar
Production Assistant: Kübra Yücel

Festivals and Screenings

Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival (2013)
Broadcasted on Al Jazeera World
Almost all Universities in Turkey and International Universities, Film and Education Centers
3. Boğaziçi Film Festival, Retrospective, 2015
3. Antakya Golden Daphnia Film Festival, Special Screening, 2015

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Dîdem Şahin
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