It is about a woman leader in a very traditional village in Western Turkey.

Gülay Dayıcan completed her education on neuropsychology in New York State and she worked in this field for long years; then she retired and returned back to his father’s village, Turkey to live. After a while, with the villagers’ support she declared her candidature for the mukhtar elections. She won the elections, but with a difference of “one” vote because the other half of the villagers did not welcome this modern, urban woman with the same hospitality.

2009, 21′, 16:9, DV Cam, Color, Turkish

Director & Producer & Camera : Dîdem Şahin
Edit: Dîdem Şahin, Kamil Koç
2.Cameraperson: Mehmet Akif Taş
Project Mentor: Dr. Alisa Lebow
Director Assistant: Ayşegül Yardımcı
Graphic: Engin Gerçek
Post Production: Zafer Topaloğlu
Boom Operator: Buket Kazık, Kerim Gözüaçık
Production Asistant: Aylin Akdeniz, Saim Bayraktar

Festivals and Special Screening

3. Antakya Golden Daphnia Film Festival, Special Screening, 2015
3. Boğaziçi Film Festival, Retrospective, 2015
15. London Turkish Film Festival, 2009
46. Antalya Golden Orange, International Film Festival, 2009
10. İzmir International Short Film Festival, 2009
4. Silk Road International Film Festival, 2009
21. İstanbul International Short Film Festival, 2009
3. Architecture and Urban International Film Festival 2009
2. Documentar-ist İstanbul Film Festivali, 2009


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