Upon the attack of the Israel to Lebanon 2006, Dîdem, a documentary film student, decides to go to the region but hides this situation from her family. Following the ceasefire arrangement, she goes to Beirut by roadway. During her route and the time in which she stayed in Lebanon, she meets the local people, fishermen affected by the war and political representatives. The children from Lebanon tell her about the war. Dîdem hasn’t got a film crew, but the little son of the family near her has undertaken the role as her assistant….

2007, 40′, 4:3, mini DV, Color, Turkish, Arabic, English


4. International Bodrum Film Festival, SIYAD The Best Turkish Documentary, 2007
2. Golden Bunch Cyprus Doc Fest, Honored Award, 2008


4. Mardin International Film Festival, Haziran 2009
12. Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival 7-14 Mayıs 2009
15. Adana Golden Boll, International Mediterranean Docs, 2008
10. Eskişehir Anotolia University, International Film Festival, 2008
27.İstanbul International Film Festivali, The Best Short Movies of Hisar, 2008
6. Hisar Short film Festival, The Best of the Year Selection, 2008
44. Antalya Golden Orange, International Film Festivali, 2007
19. İstanbul International Short Film Festival, 2007
8. İzmir International Short Film Festival, 2007
4. Akbank Short Film Festival, 2007

Special Screenings

3.Boğaziçi Film Festival, Retrospective, 2015

Boğaziçi University, Mithat Alam Film Center: Peace Centered and Human Rights Theme, Special Screening and Q & A, 2007

Özgür University:Human Rights and Cinema, Special Screening, 2007


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Dîdem Şahin
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