Beliz Kudat is a successful young woman having worked in corporate companies for many years. One day she wakes up and decides that the life she is living is actually not the life she had asked for. This decision of hers takes Beliz to a journey where she finds herself in a country she is completely foreign of, working on a field where she has no experience in. Beliz starts to work in Gambia as a volunteer leaving her job, family, her dance classes and friends behind in İstanbul.

New people will arise with their own stories in Beliz’s life in Brikama where she settles.
The young grandmother Sarjo whose only dream is to study “Sustainable Economy” in a university, Lamin who gives Beliz her name and also the founder of WACC which is a local organization,
her neighbour and Kadi who is the 1,5 year old doughter of this immigrant couple from Gine Bissau and off course Mandinka, Fula, the chiefs of Wolof tribes, inhabitants of the tribes. Also cats, lizards, goats and fishes.

2015, 48′, 16 x 9, Color, HD, Turkish, English

Director & Producer: Dîdem Şahin
Script: Dîdem Şahin
Edit: Çetin Timur
Cameraperson: Melik Külekci, Dîdem Şahin


3. Boğaziçi Film Festival, Retrospective, 2015
3. Antakya Golden Daphnia Film Festival, Special Screening, 2015

Categories: Documentary


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Dîdem Şahin
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