‘Ali Sami Yen’ is the story of the football stadium which doesn’t exist anymore… ‘Ali Sami Yen’ is telling the overall story of Ali Sami Yen football stadium by taking into account periods within Turkish History and stadium’s glories, memories, miseries with different point of views. It is making its own place in audience’s mind.


2011, 48′, Color, HD, Turkish

Director & Producer: Dîdem Şahin
Production Company: HaberTürkTV
Script: Dîdem Şahin
Edit: Çetin Timur
Camera: Zafer BİR, Önder Yıldırım, Kıvanç Tuncbas, İsmail Kamit, Dîdem Şahin
3D Graphics: Lokman Özer
Voiceover: Bora Balar
Music: Çetin Özdemir
Poster Design: Gökçe Timur

Festivals and Awards

1.International FICTS Sport Film Festival, The Best Documentary Awards, 2011
3. Boğaziçi Film Festival, Retrospective, 2015
3. Antalya Media and TV Awards, 2012
5. Architecture and Urban International Film Festival, 2011
48. Antalya Golden Orange, International Film Festivali 2011

Categories: Documentary


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Dîdem Şahin
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