Nermin (83) who is the first generation of Turkish migrant in Germany gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Nermin’s granddaughter Didem goes on a journey through her grandmother’s disappearing memory. As the missing parts come together, it is the portrait of the immigrant society that actually arises.

Director & Producer: Didem Sahin
La Boheme Production
Genre: Feature Documentary
Length: 75-80 / 52 Minute
Status: Work in Progress
Locations: Turkey and Germany

Project Status

Bitter and Sweet received production fund from Turkish Ministry of Culture, 2019

Bitter and Sweet participated in IDA and Film Independent events and one-to-one meetings organized by Istanbul Cinema Network.

Bitter and Sweet was inculuded in the documentary projects catalog from Turkey in the European Film Market at 69.Berlin Film Festival.

Bitter and Sweet selected by Antalya Film Forum Co-Production and Project Development Market. It is an international pitching platform in Turkey.

Facebook: @bittersweetdocumentary
Instagram: @bittersweet_documentary


Bagazici Film Festival, Jury

‘Turkmens’ Awarded

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